Local Savvy AZ is an Arizona community that connects families with each other and family-friendly businesses through experiences and events.

Local Savvy AZ events create VIP moments at locations that the entire family will enjoy. Families who attend a Local Savvy AZ event experience a business in a way that stands out from a normal visit. Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes tour, a meet and greet with the entertainment, special appearances or even a preview before it launches, Local Savvy AZ families will walk away from the event with a smile on their face and an eagerness to visit the business again. Rather than tell a family about a business, we show them how exceptional and welcoming the business is to their family. 

Life is short and kids grow up fast. We help families make the most of the time they have together and create lasting memories along the way. 


The Local Savvy AZ families are eager to find out ways to create memories with their loved ones in a way that supports the Arizona economy. With over 7,300 Instagram followers, 500 family memberships and 100% attendance rate to events, the Local Savvy Az community is dedicated to supporting local and creating lasting memories through their memorable experiences.

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Meet the Founder

Local Savvy is owned and operated by Lindsey who is a wife, Mom of two girls and the city’s “Social Mayor” for discovering family-fun around town! Lindsey loves connecting families with great businesses, events and services and can’t wait to plan unique events that are fun for both you and your kids! Read Lindsey’s full story here!

Say Hi To Lindsey!

You know the friend you always turn to when you have a question about a cool new business, or what you should do on a free day? You know the friend who always seems to be sharing a cool new business or product? You know the friend who loves to plan events, even if it’s just a small play date? Lindsey is that friend and has made it her career to share her love of planning events and discovering great local businesses with others!

After spending her entire childhood visiting Arizona, Lindsey became a full-time resident after graduating from U of A in 2005. Since then, she has spent her career and free time finding FUN. Before becoming Mom to her two little girls, Lindsey was the “Mom,” Social Chair, Community Leader and go-to “Social Mayor” for Yelp in the Greater Phoenix area. She spent her days planning epic parties to raise awareness for local businesses. The events had it all from fireworks to face painting and everything in between! She even made the world’s largest Snack Stadium for the Big Game in 2015 and hosted three nights of free community event within the ESPN Zone during the Big Game Celebrations!

In 2015, Lindsey and her husband welcomed their first daughter and Lindsey officially changed hats to becoming the official Social Chair of family-fun in the Valley. As a Marketing professional, Lindsey is very passionate about helping local businesses succeed and over time has noticed a big disconnect between businesses and families searching for them. Families are very busy, the internet is very saturated and there aren’t enough ways for families to connect with others through fun social settings. Linsey is very excited to take her passions and lead families into a new generation of fun and discovery of ways to connect with their families through enjoyable events!

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Lindsey Dempsey