Six Ways To Support Local While Staying Socially Distant During the Coronavirus

Here at Local Savvy AZ, we want to do everything we can to support you and support our local businesses during the Coronavirus and social distancing. There are several ways to continue to support your local businesses throughout this and if we don’t come together as a community and do what we can, many of our favorite businesses won’t be open when we leave our homes after social distancing. There are six simple ways you can support local that we have listed below. We are also listing some of our favorite local businesses you can support and check back often as the list will continue to grow!

Six Ways to Support Local Businesses


1. Buy a gift card directly from the business to use when the social distancing is over.
2. Ask a restaurant if they do curb side pick-up
3. Ask a retailer if they have an online store or do curb-side pick-up.
4. Schedule private appointments with fitness, massages, etc.
5. Simply talk to your local businesses and ask them for ways you can support them.
6. Like, comment and share their social media posts

Our List of Arizona Businesses to Support

These are just a FEW and the list will continue to grow as you send us your suggestions ( The goal of this post is to get you thinking about your favorite local businesses and ways you can support them. We are all in this together!!
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