Movie Review: DC League of Super Pets

Enter a world where man’s best friend is also man’s best protector! A world that reminds us the importance of friendship, working together, loyalty and family. DC League of Super Pets is a heartwarming take about Krypto, one fiercely loyal dog, his adventures to save his human (who also happens to be Super Man), and the important life lessons about the power of a friendship. We recently had the opportunity to see an early screening of this new super movie that’s about to hit theaters on 7/29. We walked into the movie expecting just another sweet cartoon tale, but this movie was so much more.

The plot of DC League of Super Pets is very detailed and even keeps an adult audience engaged. Imagine all those superhero movies you love to watch, but this time in a cartoon format. The movie was funny, sentimental, suspenseful and kept you on the edge of your seat the entire time! With an all-star cast of voices including The Rock, Kevin Hart and even Keanu Reeves, it’s a movie even parents will be excited to see.
Our entire family loved Super Pets. The movie is rated PG, with a few scenes that might be a little bit scary for super young eyes. It also runs on the longer end to complete the detailed plot and follow through with its “superhero suspenseful” moments. It’s not your typical children’s cartoon, and a perfect movie option for summer break. Even the big “kids” of the family will want to see it! You’ll find us at the movie theater seeing this several more times before school starts!
DC League of Super Pets comes out this Friday, July 29.
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