The Human Experiment: A Family Field Trip Experience to Remember

Hidden in the desert, lives a science experiment like no other in the entire world. Once upon a time, a team of scientists attempted a “human science experiment.” The test? To see if they could fully sustain life living strictly within a dome structure. The name was Biosphere 2. It was meant to be a 100 year experiment. It lasted 2 1/2 years. Now, the public has the rare opportunity to enter the mysterious dome and walk the realm that scientists once called home.

“I had the unique opportunity to experience Biosphere in the 90’s in the midst of the experiment.  I remember looking through the windows and trying to imagine what daily life must feel like inside. I returned home with brochures and postcards that I carefully glued into my scrapbook, and kept my memory as a time capsule for my future. To return several decades later, this time with my children, and get to actually walk through the doors and explore the dome, was an experience filled with awe, wonder, excitement and education. I think everyone in Arizona should experience this one-of-a-kind science experiment themselves.”  – Lindsey, Founder – Local Savvy Az

Biosphere 2 is run by University of Arizona and open everyday except Christmas and Thanksgiving. It’s located in Oracle, Arizona which is on the outskirts of Tucson and about 2 hours from Phoenix. Bring water, hats, snacks and sunscreen.


This is a field trip that is fun for the entire family, small kids included. Children under 5 are free.

Click here to watch our video of the experience to see the fun before you visit!