Betty’s Trail Rides Phoenix Arizona

Let’s Go On A Trail Ride!

“What should we do today,” you say? Well let us help you find a fun way to play! Today, we are sharing all the details about a scenic trail ride in town! Betty’s Trail Rides have been around for a long time and there’s a good reason why. These trail rides happen in the middle of the beautiful desert by Lake Pleasant. This is a truly authentic horseback riding desert experience. No frills, no fancy “fake” western fun…just pure desert cowboy experience. During the ride, you could close your eyes and imagine what it was like to be a pioneer in the Wild West, or even Lucky in Spirit perhaps?!

But now let us tell you the details about Betty’s!

What: Betty’s Trail Rides offer trail rides for all ages 6 and up.

Where: Betty’s is located off the 1-17 and Carefree Highway off Mile Marker 19. It’s neighbors to Castle Hot Springs Resort and Lake Pleasant. Yes, it’s in the middle of nowhere up by Lake Pleasant, but don’t let that scare you! They are legit and while it doesn’t have the grand entrance, it has the authenticity which is what you want for a trail ride!

How it works:

The trail ride is gorgeous. An hour trail ride travels along the untapped desert surrounded by cacti, scenery and even burros! If you’re lucky, you might run into a few! At the end of the trail, you will even catch a glimpse of Lake Pleasant!

The best way to schedule a ride is by calling them at this number (928.925.2488). 

In the summer months, the trail rides start early and end by 9:30 am. Be on time, you’ve been warned! Once you confirm your reservation, you will receive details in an email. Before you arrive, use a restroom, hydrate and pack any snacks or water you might need. They don’t have anything on site (bathrooms included). The horses have tiny pouches you can put your phone and water in for the ride. 

Anyone 6 and older can do the trail ride, but only bring a child if they listen well, aren’t afraid of horses, can balance on a large horse and you as a parent won’t worry about them. In summary, you know your child. If they like horses, have courage and can be trusted with directions, bring them at 6. If they can’t, wait until they are older. The wranglers are experienced horsemen who explain the rules well and who lead you safely on the trail. They even have four dogs who follow along to watch out for any critters to warn the wrangler and horses! Click here to watch a video of the trail!


Pro tip: after your trail ride, go have lunch at Dillion’s at Lake Pleasant and walk around the marina!

Enjoy the ride!

Lindsey D

Your Local Savvy Az Community Manager